Tuesday, 21 June 2011

All things sweet...

Feeling a bit frustrated like I was always doing church things I decided it was time to get out and take up an extra curricular activity. No not hip-hop dancing or hand gliding, not drum lessons or a film making class but cake decorating. Yes I know it's an extreme sport and you can't imagine me taking part in such a dangerous activity - joking, it's probably exactly what you'd imagine me doing.

I joined a group of ladies (yes all ladies), of a similar age to each other (and not me),  in a little Welsh women's centre tucked away here in little Aberystwyth. Armed with my weapons, rolling pins, knives and cutters galore I set about moulding and kneading, spreading and smoothing various pieces of icing into shape. and the result, well see for your self...

...And after consumption...

And what followed was a frenzy of cake making, even more than I had ever done before

And so now I wait for the next class, hopefully in September.


  1. I'm glad to say that I sampled every one of these cakes, and very yummy they were too!

    You're a very talented lady! xx

  2. They look delicious. I am now very hungry. I sometimes get that feeling that I'm always doing churchy things (and I only work part-time at one!). This week I nearly boycotted all church activities that didn't come under my job description. It didn't go that well.

  3. Hi Hannah! I have to say those cakes look really yummy :)