Thursday, 21 July 2011

Here comes the Summer...

It's that time of the year as the festivals and holiday clubs kick in I hold my breath and check my event list for the summer
SU Beach mission - TO DO
Soul Survivour -TO DO
What is slightly concerning me currently is that I am sitting in bed at three in the afternoon not long after having got up! And as an unknown lurgy leaves my body my brain starts back into action with a slight sense of panic but a great sense of excitement.

SPREE this year was once again a joy. Yes I have to admit there were quite a few hitches getting there, confused parents, homesickness, lack of electrical link up and perhaps my biggest foe pa to date putting petrol in a diesel minibus - which had children in, along with a convoy of another minibus and a car! But incredibly, and by no suprise (complete with a longer story) God got us there. Our group were amazing, they were so well behaved and seemed to have so  much fun. We had incredible cooks with our group in the form of the Skinners and super-duper helpers. We will forgive SPREE for their website because their variety of activities, their heart to see young people know God, the safety etc was great. Yeah of course in true Hannah style there were things I'd change, but what struck me was a conversation I had on the last day with a guy who for the whole weekend had been managing the site logistics. This man gives up his time (and a weekends worth of sleep) to make sure that young people find out about God, he deals with any manner of practical thing and a variety of tempered people so that others don't have to. And do you know what this man does normally... he's an evangelist! What impressed me the most about him was that in my experience evangelist want to be right out there telling people about Jesus and this man chose to do his evangelism in a different way, he chose not to do it so that others could. I don't really know how to put into words the amount of admiration I have for this man - you're an absolute star Mike. Here's to SPREE 2012?!

But this still leaves a fast approaching Beach mission and Soul Survivor.