Friday, 28 October 2011

The long awaited return

After months of not blogging, I'm returning and wondering where to start. I am beginning that my life is not interesting enough to blog about. As you yawn and reach for the mouse you're also thinking the same!

This weekend sees my return to college, which scares me quite a lot. Some how, somewhere along the line I got accepted for, wait for it an MA! I have of course already managed to make a fool of myself by filling a form in wrong. I nearly had to commute from Aber to Derbyshire everyday as well as preparing all my own meals. Thankfully I spotted the mistake when the room list came through and I realised I wasn't on it. Now have this horrible feeling that the entire admin team at cliff college are wondering how on earth this girl got this far!

So basically I am going to college to study an MA in Children's and youth mission. I'm scared by the intensity and the work load, I'm scared that I might not understand what the lecturers are actually talking about. One thing to bring relief though is that I have been to Cliff College before. Althought I have a feeling there might be a difference between spending a week with 30 Children's workers studying for a Diploma and 10 MA students.

On the other hand I am excited. In theory this is going to help me to be a better Children's worker. And I've already been thinking about my dissertation which I would like to do on 'All age worship'. I want to look at how possible it to help a whole variety of people worship God together and encounter Him. Also I want it to have a special focus on how men/boys can encounter God in this setting.

One of the advantages of the college is that I do get to spend the week in the beautiful English countryside and may even have a little visit from some family members who live down the road.