Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Grandad treasure trove

Today my dearly loved grandad passed away at the age of 94, what an incredible man! I may not blog very much but I think he deserves a moment of fame although I by no means do him justice.

My Grandad treasure trove

Of secret sheds

Slowly turning the key
To the forbidden shed
Opening carefully
Nose met by scent of creosote
Eyes meet dimly lit cavern of trinkets
Of coffee jars ingenuously remodelled as storage
Tools for everything
This workshop has seen it all
Wheelbarrows for flowers
Cots for Dolls
And so much more

Of RAF man
And Fridge freezers

A man of respect and hidden genius
I'm sure he invented the freezer!
Stories of ice cream
And holidays in vans
Of uniforms
and planes of royal air force blue

My Granddad treasure trove

Of secret sheds
And a committed gardener

Of Ford fiestas
And copper coins

Of RAF man
And Fridge freezers

My Grandad treasure trove
Of a Gentle man
And a quite spirit
Of a person who loved
And showed genuine interest
Of a hand ready to hold
And an ear ready to listen
Of an example of commitment
And a man who deserved respect

My Grandad treasure trove
Of a man whom I loved greatly
And a man I will miss

Grandad and Grandma at their 70th wedding anniversary January 2011

Granddad and Grandma on their wedding day January 1941