Saturday, 16 February 2013

So what do you think?

So before you watch, just want to make a couple of comments...

There is bad language in it. If your a Christian it might make you a bit cross but see it through and then think about some of the questions below (not necessarily them all)...

Ricky Gervais said he believed this till he was eight. What do you think changed his mind at eight?

What do you think about the fact that he still owns the book?

What things that he said did you disagree with and why?

What did you agree with and why?

How important or relevant is it that we communicate the truth of God to children?

How does the following film make you think after seeing the first?

Just to help us reflect on what we do and why!

1 comment:

  1. I thought both videos were interesting to watch and hear what they were saying.
    I think kids generally are very trusting, they believe what they are told - father christmas/tooth fairy etc. I think as they grow up and their sense of logic starts to develop if there are not rational/logical answers to the questions that start to emerge then they being to be skeptical. Maybe that is what happened to Ricky.
    The fact he still owns the book I guess to some degree shows that at some point he valued it enough to not throw it away. I clearly currently owns it to mock it. But initially it probably did mean something to him.
    I think I disagreed with the way he was trying to paint God in a gay light - like God's relationship with us is so so ridiculously full of love and to mock that and twist it into something it's not I really disagreed with.
    Ricky did totally raise some solid questions - creation, practicalities with the ark etc. I think there were clearly some searching questions do you believe in something if it doesn't add up to you. But he's not actually looking for answers, he's decided it doesn't add up and that it's ok to mock those who do.
    It is so so important to communicate the truth of God to kids. I think it helps kids to understand their identity better and to know they aren't alone. I do however think we need to be better at tackling inconsistencies between what the Bible says and what kids are taught - evolution/creation/OT stories. Kids are great because they are sponges for learning, however we need to be equipping them with tools to be able to understand God's word for themselves before they grow up and become cynical.
    The second clip has some good points to make. Definitely need to be thinking more about mission to children. However, not necessarily at the expense of mission to adults...they need saving too.

    Just a few thoughts...