Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The ordinary story

We can't deny we love the wow factor, the extreme stories, those radical changes in life. But what has happened to the ordinary story? Has the ordinary stories of Jesus at work in the everyday life escaped our notice? It has mine! We are faced with radical stories that shock in the media, Hollywood presents us with these emotional happy endings and we are always exasperated by the extreme or excitedly ready to burst with the tales of life. Jesus' wasn't just an ordinary guy, he did incredible things both big and small and still does today and do we notice them?

I have grown in the joy of cake baking, particularly in the last few years, it's how I relax and what I love to do for other people. My cake enjoyment has been noticed and recently I have gained to a job - making wedding cakes as presents for friends. I had been commissioned to make a 3 tier wedding cake for a friend in July and she requested a butterfly decoration. Now I was fully aware that I was going to need to buy some cutters to help me make these butterflies and I remember saying to God please don't let me leave getting them too late! I then of course put it to the back of my mind and got on with life. In the May before the wedding I went to another friends wedding where I made some little cakes for after the service. I had thought nothing of it really, looked at it as a present to the bride and groom. But a couple of weeks later I received a present from the brides mum a set of three different sized butterfly cutters. A coincidence? I don't think so...

There was October 2012, it was our annual alternative Halloween party. I had decided to change it a bit and instead of it being just for children I made it for all ages, asked people to sign up and waited. I had about 30 people sign up. So being optimistic I had about 40 baked potatoes placed in the oven for consumption. It came to the party and at the start time there wasn't really anyone there but gradually as the evening went on the hall filled and filled until a little bit of panic set in and a head count was needed. Hmm, I think if I remember rightly there was 97 people! Quite a few more that 30. I ran to the kitchen prayed for the content of the oven, sent a few friends to the shops for some bread to bulk things out, got everyone to sit down and started serving. The potatoes just kept coming out of the oven and even after everyone had had one there was some left - remind you of a story you've heard before?

There was a Sunday of a church family meal which was a bit manic, when I went to the hall in the early hours of the morning after waking up feeling a little uneasy about the meal only to find there was no electric - and I still had the soup for 200 people to liquidise. I sat in the hall a little unsure what to do and decided all I could do was pray 'help me'. I then got up and drove a car back and forward between my house and the hall with soup and it got liquidised. That isn't the 'cool' bit, this is. I was leading the service and just explained that I had an interesting morning but God had helped me through it and if anyone wanted to know what had happened they could ask me at the end. Only one person came to ask me at the end, someone who I think might still be exploring faith and he asked me what had happened. His job is as an electrician and as soon as I'd finished explaining he offered to go and fix the electric and he did.

I do love clothes and sometimes I feel it is important to choose what to wear before you arrive at busy days especially. I had decided weeks before a new Easter event that we were doing that I was going to wear my yellow dress. Now it was going to be a long day as I was in school in the morning so I needed to be prepared. Now just a little background, there had been a sad death of a child in the school that I was going to and I wasn't aware that that morning they were going to hold a little service for the child in school. I arrive at school to be greeted with 'who told you?'. I was a little confused but it turned out that the whole school were wearing yellow because it was the child's favourite colour and I was so relieved to be able to sit there through the service and feel like I was actually supporting them - thank you God!

I've been really challenged to look for God's care of me even in the little things. I challenge you to look and sometimes when you look and ask you see lots of little extrordinary things happening in the normal!

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  1. Yeyyy...love these. Especially the potatos - wow! Miss you xx